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2012 City of Rochester Budget Review Cover

2012-2013 TCA Review of City Proposed Budget

The Children’s Agenda’s analysis of the proposed City of Rochester budget, our fifth-annual such review, shows that City leaders have tried to hold the line on spending for kids, particularly in a difficult economic climate. City administrators made tough but informed choices; the situation for children’s programs could be much worse.

2011-2012 TCA Review of City Proposed Budget

The Children’s Agenda is pleased to present our analysis of the City of Rochester’s proposed 2011-12 budget, our fourth such review. The analysis looks at sections of the budget where expenditures affect the health and well-being of children in Rochester and identifies those areas in which City resources are serving children well and those in which additional resources, financial or otherwise, are needed.
The proposed 2011-12 budget had to overcome a funding shortfall of $30 million, due in part to rising pension and benefit costs. Nonetheless, the Mayor’s proposed budget protects quality-of-life services; necessary to a thriving community.

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