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Data Disaggregation Fact Sheet – Pre-K and Preschool Special Education

Disaggregated data are critical to ensuring all of New York’s children and families have equitable access to the services they need to thrive. By understanding who is and who is not being served by the state’s early childhood systems, we can better identify and address systemic inequities. 

Enrollment data are published yearly for Pre-Kindergarten students around the state by gender, race/ethnicity, economically disadvantaged status, English Language Learner status, and disability status. While the count of Pre-K students with disabilities is available statewide, there is no additional disaggregation or information available on how those children are being served. This information is critical to ensuring students are receiving the supports they are entitled to by law. 

This fact sheet is part of a collection that explores the state of data disaggregation in four of New York’s key early childhood systems: Early Intervention, Child Care, Pre-Kindergarten & Preschool Special Education, and Behavioral Health. Please click here to view the full set, including recommendations for state and local leaders, as well as advocates, on ways to improve the collection and public reporting of disaggregated data across systems.   

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