Monroe County families are in crisis, according to a recent poll conducted by The Children’s Agenda.

The nonprofit organization, which advocates for policies that benefit the mental health, education and success of local children, surveyed 400 parents in February.

Officials identified a need for mental health services, more resources to serve children with developmental disabilities and a lack of affordable health care.

“Some people are thinking that some parents don’t want to go to work,” parent leader Toyin Anderson said. “That’s why it’s important to go to the source, which are families, and ask them what exactly are the reasons, because if my child or children aren’t safe, I am not moving. I have to make sure my children are safe before I go out to the workforce.”

The Children’s Agenda is call for $5 billion to move New York toward a system of universal, affordable health care.

Parent leaders are also looking for an increase in state reimbursement rates for providers of early intervention and preschool special education.